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Gamer Fidget Spinner - Metal

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Discover a satisfying, multifunctional fidget with the Gamer Fidget Spinner - Metal 100gram. It features buttons (with a quiet pop), bubble wrap-like bits, and spinning capabilities on the side. While not as super smooth as our cog spinners, its multi function uses make this a winner for many! 

They spin, they have buttons (fairly quiet) that pop (similar feel to bubble wrap) & bits that roll on the sides.  So much fidgeting satisfaction in one small fidget.  

 Weighs 100grams 

The centre is a painted finish and will wear/peel over time.  If this is likely to annoy then we recommend looking at our mega cog,

"Very sturdy. I can often break items like fidgets, pens, rips etc when tense - but so far this one is still going strong. The side buttons have a satisfying click-spin. Elizabeth Nov 2023"