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Pendulum Spinner

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This is one of the newest additions to our metal spinner line up.   Similar to the revolver and wheel spinners you can use it in a number of ways to give varied sensory input.  This is more suited to teens and adults due to the skill required to use it, however I am sure kids would love to have a go.  

Check out the video of ways it can be used.  Comes in a black zip pouch. 

"This one is a really unique fidget that I enjoy fiddling around with quite a bit. Experimenting with speed and rhythm and watching the patterns I can make is really soothing, as is the feeling of the swing as you hold it in your fingers. Hypnotizing to watch and relaxing to feel. Definitely not a typical spinner, but lots of opportunities for sensory input nonetheless. Leeroy C" May 2023

"I had been eyeing off this spinner for a while, but thought it was a little bit too expensive. Now that I have it, I can say it was worth it. The quality is great and it's now my favourite fidget. I enjoy the weight of it and the sensation of it moving in my hands. I also enjoy how it can make different patterns with the pendulum depending on how you spin it.  Scott 2023"

Not suitable for 3 and under as has small parts.