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Suction Grip Sensory Tool & Exerciser

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We love these for the fidgeting & emotional regulation power these treasures hold!  Oh and did we mention  - the sound & suction 'pop'... Love love love these.  

It has unique DUAL strength resistance depending on which direction you squeeze AND the amazing 'nodes' which create suction on the fingers as you grip, and a slight popping sound on release.  Super satisfying (well to me anyway lol).

Simple to use the two alternate resistance levels - squeeze one way for a lighter resistance and rotate 90 degrees and squeeze for a stronger resistance.

"My favourite non-metallic fidget. The only fidget I've ever found that suctions properly to your fingers. Great resistance, very strong suction ability, awesome pop sound and feel. Great for regulating some of the bigger emotions with". Leeroy  June 2023

  • Relieve stress
  • is a sensory delight 
  • Builds strength
  • Great workout for your fingers, hands, wrists and arm.  
  • Not suitable for under 5 years of age. Made fromTPR.