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The ORIGINAL Pick 'N Peel Stone KIT - Made in USA

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These are the original pick 'n peel stones handcrafted in the USA by Renee Benn the awesome Owner / Inventor of Pick 'N Peel Stones. 

Getting them over here hasn't been cheap that is for sure but I know it is worth it for those that struggle with picking at skin and scabs. 

Make sure you take the time to read the customer feedback at the bottom of this page. 

Pick and Peel Stones are palm-sized lava rocks with all kinds of awesome nooks and crannies, in which our specially made stone filler can get into and hide.

The filler itself is a latex-based glue that pulls away, ever so wonderfully, with the help of a very sharp, double-sided picking hook.

One side of each stone is hand-dipped in the glue to completely cover it and allow you to slowly peel it away.

The other side allows you to find and excavate the filler from the stone. This is an activity that has no time limit!

Our thoughts are the picking stones are more an 'in home' support and ‘delight’ to lean into the satisfaction of picking.  I can't express how much I personally love theese however they are not a 'take everywhere support generally... well... you could… but more for in home support & joy.   I typically recommend 2 supports for picking support for ‘go everywhere’ use… our Spikey DUO set and our spiKEYring dual support keyring.  

Sitting on a couch, I can pick one clean in 45 minutes but I have friends that like to savor the experience and make it last for days!


Everything you need in 1 kit!  

The Pick 'N Peel Stones Kit includes:

  • One pre-filled, Original Pick 'N Peel Stone.  One side is for picking.  The other side for peeling.
  • One double-sided, Pick 'N Peel Picker
  • One heavy-duty Pick 'N Peel Puller
  • One silicone Pick 'N Peel Scraper
  • One refill bottle of Filler in teal color - which can refill 6-7 sides of a Pick 'N Peel Stone

Be sure to use eye protection as the filler can fly out as you are picking! Please note that no two stones are alike. You will receive one Original Pick 'N Peel Stone per kit. 


In each Pick ‘N Peel Tool Kit you receive everything you need to use your Pick ‘N Peel Stones fidget stone. In each kit you will get 1 picker, 1 puller, and 1 spreader. All of your Pick ‘N Peel tools will be packaged in an organza carrying bag, making it easy to take your stone and accessories with you on-the-go. The organza bag is also a great place to keep your filler scraps contained as you pick and peel, before discarding them! 

Pick ‘N Peel Stones Picker: The Pick ‘N Peel Stones Picker is a heavy duty and VERY sharp picking hook. Picker is to be used with your Pick ‘N Peel Stone to get filler out of every little nook and cranny! One side of the picker is for deep picks and one side is for delicate picks.

Pick ‘N Peel Stones Puller: These are the most amazing heavy-duty tweezers! These Pick ‘N Peel Pullers have been tested to make sure they hold up under the pressure of pulling filler out of stone nooks. (Color of Puller may vary)

Pick ‘N Peel Stones Spreader: This silicone, Pick ‘N Peel Spreader is a game changer when it comes to refilling fidget stones! Instead of filling one hole at a time, the Pick ‘N Peel Spreader allows you to fill one whole side at a time. Simply pour filler onto the stone and use the spreader to push it into all of the nooks and crannies! Put any excess filler back into the bottle for the next time you refill. 

FILLER  This approx. 70 gram bottle of Pick 'N Peel Stone Filler refill can refill 6-7 sides of a Pick 'N Peel Stone, or the equivalent of 3-4 full stones (both sides) .

If the filler bottle is kept away from extreme heat and cold and properly sealed, filler should last up to 2 years in the bottle. If separation happens , just shake the bottle to rectify. If filler thickens , add a few drops of water at a time and shake until rectified. Additional fillers & colours can be purchased separately.

Color: Tear-Away Teal

  • This filler WILL stain fabric – couches, clothing, shoes, carpet, your favorite pair of jeans…be careful!   The filler only stains when it's wet and not after it dries. Even then it only stains fabric.
  • Our filler is latex-based,   so please take precautions if you are allergic or sensitive
  • Pick ‘N Peel Stones Filler is non-toxic, but let’s NOT eat it
  • Filler will easily wash off hands and any surface other than fabric with soap and water
  • Filler is shipped with a seal on the inside of the cap. You must remove the seal before using
  • After you re-fill your stone, you will have to let it sit for at least 8 hours, (or overnight) until you can pick again
  • Drying time is contingent to hole depth, so it may take longer if the holes are deep

Additional Stone Filler can be purchased separately.  Filler is non-toxic. The formula is 96% natural rubber.  Some slight colour variance can be found in bottles as they are hand crafted/mixed.  There is a smell when wet/ on application, and for some it is unpleasant, so may not suit those with smell aversions.  We have found that smell diminishes to a large extent once dry.  

These are an adult only appropriate product due to the tools used.  Use and store at your own discretion.  


The Kaiko Fidget products we recommend to go with this product as additional Supports are the 

  • Wrist Spikey or Spikey Set
  • Finger Spikey Duo
  • SpiKEYring
  • Double Sided Sensory Massage Glove 
  • Necklace Caterpillar
  • Speks Magnets 


These stones can also be used one-handed! Simply set it on a table and pick away with your preferred hand! Fantastic to have near your computer for instant stress relief!

***Therapists***, these can also be used for your patients working on finger dexterity and sensory therapy!

Once you are finished picking and peeling, refill your Sensory Stone to continuously pick and peel all over again.  

Customer feedback ... 

I have been an anxious skin picker my whole life. I've contemplated ordering this stone for months and I finally did and I am so glad! I haven't picked my skin nearly as much since I've gotten this stone, and hopefully with a little bit of self-redirection I soon won't be picking at all :) If you are like me and you are going back and forth between buying one, JUST DO IT. You won't be disappointed!


I have been eyeballing the Pick an’ Peel Stone since it came to the internet. I never could justify buying it because it was “ just a rock with some glue” and I thought I could find one better and cheaper. WRONG! Nothing matches up to this quality wise and satisfaction wise. The kit was the best purchase for me because it came with all I needed in the same bag. I would 100% recommend this if you like tedious things to do while you zone out or watch tv. I LOVE it!!


I am loving my kit! This is an amazing idea and I am so very grateful. I am a lifelong skin picker and I know this will help me. I haven't even used my filler yet, but I already plan on buying more!


As an anxious person, I've been picking at my nails and cuticles for as long as I can remember. I'd been eyeing this kit for a while and finally decided to just get it, and it's even better than I hoped it would be. The picking side completely fulfills the urge I have to pick at something, and I can stop picking at poking at myself. I've only had it for two days and I've already refilled it! So grateful for this invention.


I'm a part of support group on Facebook for dermatillomania (skin picking) and someone had posted this in the group so I figured, "What the heck, why not?" This has been this most worthwhile purchase I think I've ever made. I LOVE this rock! I wish I could say it 100% keeps me from picking but it definitely occupies my time and hands. I use it during my work breaks and while I'm watching TV. Thank you so much for this beautiful creation.

My daughter picked her face and earlobe and told me that she saw this on tic Tok. I found it and bought stone. She used tweezers and loved it. Then I bought a whole kit. It helps her a lot!!! Now I’m buying more filler and rocks. I HIGHLY Recommend this. Thank you for coming up with this idea! Brilliant!

These stones are the best I have three and use them to stop me from picking my face. They’re great during zoom classes to fidget with as well! Highly recommend due to the wonderful business owner!

 Suitable for TEENS & ADULTS.  Not suitable for children under 13 due to the sharp nature of objects and small parts.