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 I was very impressed with the range of fidget toys from Kaiko. They are high quality, unique designs, and beautiful colours. Such an incredible range of products! So often fidget toys and items for people with disabilities are either designed for children or just very plain, so it's so great to see ones that are like little pieces of art. I personally loved the option for bright pink, chrome, and silver finishes, they are more like jewellery than a toy. It's something the user can be proud of like a fashion statement. Also, and probably most importantly they work well and feel wonderful to use. The variety of sizes and textures means there is something for everyone.  Alyce

 I tried a few of these Kaiko fidget toys. They are solidly built and have a satisfying and reassuring weight to them. I preferred the spinners, especially the rainbow pirate ship wheel,  which have a smooth long lasting spin and fits nicely in a pocket of my handbag. Gwen.



 I really enjoying playing around with the fidget gadgets. I felt surprisingly relaxed after messing around with them. A lot of my stress seemed to disappear because I had something else to focus on. Gabby.




 My name is Marc, I'm 44 a Dad of 4 and happily married for nearing two decades. I've suffered with Anxiety/mood/depression disorders for over 20 years. Kaiko fidgets resonate with me, they take me to motorcycle/car parts, even bicycle parts, which are all my happy places.. most importantly they bring me back to the Here and Now, when my mind is Adrift...