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About Us

About Us

There are many fidget stores out there but NONE that are COMPLETELY & OBSESSIVELY dedicated to providing sensory supports & hard-core fidget tools EXCLUSIVELY for TEENS & ADULTS

We have made it our absolute mission to carve out a space that feels comfortable & delivers an extensive range JUST FOR YOU!

We believe everyone has a place & a right to feel comfortable using sensory items in any context.   Products that are more your “vibe”.

Our fidget range has been carefully selected to provide a line-up of discreet, quiet & cool tools that can easily fit in your pocket or hand.

They are carefully selected by an OT who has a passion to provide a broad range of products that are both age appropriate and needs based.

Metal Fidgets is located in Melbourne, Australia.


This hand roller is amazing, so soothing and nicely weighted, the colours are nice to look at when in use. Has helped so much with restless symptoms, would definitely recommend!

Nick B.

Love these fidgets! Bought them for a friend to help her focus and lower anxiety. Haven’t been able to see her yet, but my anxiety is definitely lower!

Caleb S.

Here are my 'go to' supplies. Depending on whether I need calming or focus. I'm so lucky to have found Kaiko. It has helped myself and my daughter with anxiety and stress. So many options and all fabulous. Thank you!


Such a handy way to keep my fidgets on hand and safe.

Mrs E.

The quality of this cog is outstanding. It has a great feel and can easily be used one-handed unlike the cumbersome size of other spinners.

The spin is smooth, satisfying and very fast!

Highly recommended!

Alan T.

These rings are my go to fidget! I like the sharp, but relatively mild, pain as I squeeze them on my fingers. I also roll them up and down my fingers which has been great for lessening anxiety.

Rachael C.