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Sphere Spinner Metal Fidget 80 grams

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These are amazing.  Can be used a number of ways.  You can spin the sphere using any combination of the round discs.   Soothing and a beautiful visual stim also.  We would recommend these for teen and adults.  

The black spheres screw in so if independently rotated (ie not spun in unison they can unscrew).     If dropped you can break this spinner also. The ocoloured peices clip in.  they have rubber 'washers' on them which secure in place. (see photo).  If removed  or broken the discs will fall out.  

"Amazing, heavy just the right way, looking super pretty as it spins, I love it, probably my favourite so far! Jayson August 2023 " 

Not suitable for 10 years and under.  Small parts can pose as a choking risk.