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The Fiddle Stick & Accessories

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NEW.....   check out our WORLD EXCLUSIVE limited edition COG spinner attachment for the Fiddle Stick - Our signature cog MEETS our fiddle stick.

We have had these custom made for us and they secure into the same area that the spinner attachment goes (as an alternative).  Honestly we promise it will be the BEST feature of your stick.  The cog accessory takes it to NEXT level AMAZING!! 

Please read below re the vunerability of the traditional spinner supplied before purchasing.

 Please note PINK & BLACK  has been discontiuned by the maker & are not available.

 Please note: Spinner component does NOT come with light-up function due to Australian Safety standards around button batteries.  This does not affect function. 

"Hi Jo, It's Oscar, I just wanted to say, that one of the really cool things to do is to get the cog spinning really fast and then do some tricks with the loop. It makes some really cool noises"  

"I also love the fiddle stick. I haven’t stopped using it especially on public transport. The attachment it came with is so big. Not very discreet. I definitely prefer Kaiko attachment plus I love the sound of it too.  Joanne June 2023"

"Absolutely delightful! From start to finish, this experience exceeded all my expectations. The exceptional service and the quality of the product left me thoroughly impressed and genuinely satisfied. Reza July 2023"

"For me, my fidget stick is more than a toy as everyday I find it an essential tool as I sit to contemplate, to ponder or just trying to relax. Each button, switch, slider and spinner are thoughtfully placed on the device. Robust and well made, it will last me a lifetime of enjoyment. Neale S Sept 2023" 

The Fiddle Stick, invented by a magician & illusionist, is a great addition to you fidget line up.

1. You can fling, flip & spin it.

2. It's a FIDGET TOOL (on steroids) you can CLICK, ROLL, GLIDE & SLIDE.

3. Fiddle Stick connects to the spinner (included) for SUPER COOL tricks with one hand.  Please see note below. 

HOW TO USE IT - 9 amazing features...
  • soft swivel joystick
  • dot matrix
  • the 'loop' - If using this feature a lot this loop may, over time, come off/out of the stick due to the way this item is manufactured.  It cannot be reattached after as the usit is sealed.  
  • the 'light' switch
  • the worry stone
  • clicky buttons
  • rollerball
  • smooth slider
  • cogs
  • AND our custom made cog spinner attachment  - sold in bundle 

& comes with a bonus fidget spinner attachment.

Please note that whilst this is a great tool there are aspects that can break over time.  The cord used to 'spin/flip is tied inside but can come out with flipping.  We have not found a way for it to be easily attached.  We do test them before they get send to make sure they are secured properly, but with use, they may detach.  All other functions will b  unaffected.  If this is likely to bother, this might not be the fidget for you. 

The standard spinner attachment is on the more fragile end of the scale.  (This is partly why we had created for us the cog spinner attachment as an option) Downward pressure placed on the spinner attachment when attached can cause the join to fracture.  If this happens the spinner component no longer attaches but the fiddle stick can still be used. Please note replacement for broken spinner is not possible.  The slide bar: If lateral pressure (rather than sliding)  is put on the slider the mould holding it can flex & may pop out.  You may be able to put it back in back in if not broken.  The cord used to pop finger through & spin can over time  come out.  This cannot be fixed & is unfortunately a wear and tear aspect of it.    The casing for the fiddle stick is plastic and plastic can break if dropped.  This isnt a fault, more a limitation of the material used to create this fidget.  Highly recommend looking at our metal range if long term robust is what you are after.


Designed for both KIDS and ADULTS, Fiddle Stick is a sleek and ergonomic fit for ANYONE. It stays discrete, so you can fidget anywhere, anytime. At school, at the office... you name it!

You drum your fingers on your desk. Spin your keys, click a pen, or flip a coin a hundred times.... We've all done it.

Actually, fidgeting has been proven to increase cognitive ability, concentration and alertness during activities. This makes Fiddle Stick more than a toy. It's a tool to exercise your brain. Fiddle Stick has benefits that go beyond just FUN!

 Trouble shooting the cog spinner: If your spinner stops spinning freely:  Generally its one of 2 things  - some fine debris has gotten in to the box bearing or alternatively sometimes, if dropped, one or more of the balls in the bearing can dislodge causing spin issues.  This cannot be fixed.  If you open it up youll see if that’s happened though generally.  In the first instance we recommend to use a air blower like you use for cleaning a computer.  As it is a box bearing  lubricant only makes it sticky so it is not recommended and is a last resort.  We usually take the bearing out and clean it using the blower.   

NOT suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts.  

Outer casing is plastic with the smooth ball and top screw section to remove to insert spinners being stainless steel.