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Wheel Spinner Metal

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This is a weighted high quality metal spinner fidget.  Its hidden super power is that it has quite an unusual sensation when you remove one of the arms and spin it - it becomes counter balanced and provides a distinct 'shudder' to the hand/arm whihc can be, for most, grounding.  It kind of tickles the brain.... 

3 varieties

  • Oil slick (bubble design) 90 gms
  • Oil Slick 100 gms
  • copper 95 gms

You can remove the arms of the wheel to change the weight distribution for different sensations when in use. It will become a firm fav!

"For me the surprise hit is the bubble spinner, especially with 1 pin removed: the wonky spin is so satisfying! Joelle Oct 2023"

"IN LOVE with the heavy spoked oil slick spinner. The weight of it is divine and the visual stimulation is heaven. And if for some reason that's not enough, unscrewing a couple of the forks to make it uneven (3 on one side 1 on the other) gives a delightful wobble in the fingers that is chef's kiss  2023 Celia"  

“Buy Now! Well worth the money my 7 year old plays with it almost all the time! Perfect for long car travel rides or plane travels! Superb quality! Nerida F Jan 2024”


Not suitable for small children under 3 due to small parts.